Happy Birthday Weekend!!!

So what do you have planned for the weekend?
I'm the lucky girl who gets to celebrate her birthday...I so love a birthday celebration!!!!  What about you guys?  Does it bother you to get older, or are you like me, and think it's a great reason to celebrate?  

Besides celebrating my Birthday "all weekend long", I'll also be helping host the Meridian Museum of Art's Murder Mystery Dinner Party. What could be more fun than...a birthday, murder mystery, and dinner parties!!!

See you again on Monday.  Til' then here's what we're loving around the web...

reuse wine corks in the garden

have you tried cooking with lavender yet?  this lavender salad dressing is decadent.

thinking of trying this lavender cocktail next...

weekend style inspiration

he claims he loved succulents, before they were cool

do any of you do this, when you move into a new home?

missing my wavy beach hair


Unknown said…
Happy birthday! I love celebrating life! My birthday is today and and going to have a blast at the beach this weekend celebrating :). Have a great weekend!

xo Allison
Happy Birthday to you too Allison. That's awesome to know we share the same Birthday!!! Enjoy the beach.


I love the idea of Birthdays celebrating life!!!

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