Ski School

Brad, Maddie and I leave tomorrow morning for Crested Butte, Co,
elevation 8,885 ft above sea level. 

Having been over 17 years since my last time on skis, I did a little online search for tips. This by far was the most scientific and hilarious to me: 
Understand what a Fall Line is. In general, a Fall Line is an imaginary line down a mountain or a hill wherein gravity makes an object to roll or fall down.

Back a million years ago when i skied last. I remember enjoying a hot drink, once making it down the mountain and back at the lodge:

Hot Apple Pie
2 oz Tuaca
Hot Apple Cider
Whipped Cream
cinnamon stick for garnish

Cheers Angela

what are you doing for spring break?
have you ever heard of hot buttered lemonade?


That advice is hilarious.. I am a terrible ski-er, I tried snowboarding a couple of years ago and that was better. Although I found my downslope skills were significantly increased on runs with Mulled wine being sold at the top.

Can't imagine why?!

We have a shed load of Tuaca as my husband used to work for them. I usually can't really stand the stuff but this sounds nice. Will give it a go.

Have a lovely trip!! x

Interested to see how you do some of the #stylememarch prompts up the slopes!
Hey Angela and Anna,

I guess I'm out of the loop. I've never tried or even heard of Tuaca.

Hi Anna,
It was a bit of a tiresome trip getting here. We arrived in Denver seamlessly but then our flight to Creste Butte was cancelled and we had a lovely 10 hour wait in the Denver Airport. We finally arrived save and sound to our condo at 11pm. We also took advantage of our the shopping service that the our driver offered, due to our delay. This was a first for me and I must say Anthony did a great job, and I love the time savings. Cheers Angela

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