Willard Asylum Suitcase Project

Do you know about Kickstarter?  A program that was established to aid creative types generate funding for their projects.  It's a great place to see what's new and innovative!  Here's the latest project that has caught my attention.

In 1995, when the New York State Museum began moving items out of the Willard Psychiatric Center, which was being closed, they came across a collection of old suitcases dating from 1910-1960's.  The suitcases were put into storage, upon admital of their owners.  Since many of the patients conditions were serious they never left the hospital, and the suitcases were never retrieved.  In 2003 a small collection of these suitcases were on display in Albany, becoming a time capsule of these peoples lives.

Having learned of the suitcases, John Crispin has taken on the task of photographing each suitcase and its contents. He documents the museums effects to package each suitcase along with the contents.

 Learn more about John's project and see his video on his kickstarter or read more in his notebook
See the museum exhibit here.


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