Fall Essentials with Glamournerd!

Lately, the weather has gotten a bit more brisk by the day and the sun has been a bit deceiving as its brightness refuses to warm the streets of New York quite like it did just two weeks ago. Its officially fall and judging by the unexpected snow we saw last weekend, winter isn't so far away.

For the most part, we all love fall, though we shake at the thought of saying goodbye to the beach for months or bearing the cold to catch a cab or subway, we simultaneously fall in love with the fallen leaves, the apple cider the nearing of the holidays. Even moreso we fall in love with the endless possibilities of the looks we can pull off and even many we can't. Before running to the nearest shop to splurge on trend pieces, I've taken the liberty of gathering a list of five essentials. Essentials that can be mixed, matched and paired with summer favorites to create fall looks that will work every day for the entire season.

1. A Red Lipstick
2. Sequins
3. Classic Trench Coat
4. A Statement Piece (Find this one here)
5. A Well-tailored Black Sheath Dress
6. Great Hair Color
7. Inspiration
8. The Classic Riding Boot

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Happy Fall!



Sign me up for number 2! J'adore sparkle!
Me too! I Love a little sparkle...

Angela Burgess said…
I am the proud owner of a thrifted Burberry Trench!! Cheers Angela

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