Tribal Fashion

The beauty of these photos leaves me speechless. It is the genius of 

Hans Silvester

With colourful make-up of bright yellows, startling whites and rich earth-reds, flamboyant accessories and extraordinarily elaborate decorations, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the designs in these images originated in the fevered mind of some leading fashionista.

Guest Blogger Angela Burgess, the other ladybird of Angel Court Jewels. My nest is in Little Rock, AR with my husband Brad and beautiful, talented daughter Maddie. Brad was a Navy pilot, so maybe that started my instinct to take off eagerly on a whim. Travel feeds my soul, meeting new people, trying new food, admiring new surroundings. Angel Court become an organic fit to my natural desires, and I find it thrilling to feather that nest too!
Cheers Angela


Celeste said…
These are lovely. I once took a class on "body art" in Oceania and these remind me of what I studied. Human expression is so beautiful.
Angela Burgess said…
Thank you! Natural beauty, huh! It was hard to pick which photos to feature, they are all so beautiful! Cheers Angela
Wow! Such beautiful photos!

citizen rosebud said…
I have a book full of these images- you've just inspired me to open it up and spend an evening enjoying! Thanks! -Bella Q
the Citizen Rosebud
Thank you Cortnie and lovely miss Bella! What is the name of your book? Is it more work by this photographer? Cheers Angela

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