on the satorial responsibility of rock stars...

 having had the opportunity to design jewelry for some really incredible musicians, we've begun to pay special attention to what all the rocker boys are wearing these days. it seems that too many rock stars today are lacking that flash we've come to expect.  after reading this article in GQ it seems we're not the only ones who feel this way. maybe it's because we're children of the 80's, but i so miss the days when you knew your favorite rock star would surprise and delight you with their excess.

don't get us wrong...not every rock star out there is performing in jeans and a t-shirt:

the guys from hinder never disappoint and we love that they've rocked their angel court bling on two album covers

velvet revolver knows what excess is all about. i love the fur coat...now that's rock star flash. 

 i also miss seeing a country star in one of nudie's designs, but his suits are worthy of a post all on their own.


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