Greek Pasta

One of my BFFs is a very busy girlie. Not only is she working on her Phd , but she is also due to deliver her second child (sweet baby Lilly) at the first of next month. She surely could use a little relaxation right about now. We've decided what better way to relax than spending tomorrow evening dinning under the stars. You know these spring evenings here in Mississippi are pure perfection this time of year.

The dinner menu is quick and easy. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Greek Pasta
10oz angel hair pasta (cook and then rinse with cold water)
3 TBS lemon juice
2 heaping TBS Greek Seasoning
1/4c olive oil ( I use a bit less)
1small jar pimientos diced
3-5 green onions chopped including stem
1/4c mayo (I like to use low cal or fat free)
Mix together and toss with cooked pasta. Marinate for 4hrs and serve cold. This is so easy and a hit with everyone. Great served with a baggette and fresh strawberries.



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