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 Rock'n Your Look...
with beautiful jewels 

     The Angel Court Jewels collection is a collaboration of artistic expression by designers Angela Burgess & Courtney Taylor. Drawing inspiration from their backgrounds in fashion and art, they have united to create the jewelry once only found in their thoughts & dreams.
      Whether scouring the Deep-South or the World beyond Angela & Courtney are constantly in search of antique estate pieces and nontraditional objects to incorporate into their one-of–a-kind jewelry designs. While both designers have deep roots & leave their hearts in the South, they have traveled extensively and their experiences are reflected in their eclectic designs & views of the World around them. Combing antique elements with modern ideals gives these jewels a romantic sensibility yet rock n roll edge.
      Each piece in their collection is handcrafted in their historic loft in the heart of downtown Meridian Mississippi, while sales and public relations are based in the beautiful & notable Heights district of Little Rock Arkansas. The Angel Court Jewels Collection has a vast national & international following as well as being featured in many renowned fashion publications. You can also see Angel Court Jewels adorning the necks & wrists of celebrities.