Label Me - I will share my secret with you!

Kinfolk of Mine Clever Candles for Clever People

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that is a $9 savings on two candles on our website! 

Our labels make the candles stand out. We have funny names, or phrases. You either are one or you know one. Have you been looking for the perfect label? Evermine is part of the William Sonoma family and does an incredible job. Please use the links below to see all of their great labels and other products! 

The labels at Evermine are the best ever! I love that they are vinyl,  waterproof, and easy to apply and adjust. 

 Evermine has a huge selection of themes, colors, shapes, as well as coasters, cards, eat! 

Please click the banner below to see All of their custom labels for Any project.

 Not just wine labels, hundreds of other shapes and styles, shop and design with Evermine! 


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