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Monday, July 9, 2012

The Weekend....farmer's market

My hometown (Meridian, MS) has had a farmer's market for as long as I can remember...
It's always filled with beautiful fresh produce, but until now, I've not been the biggest supporter.  Not that the produce isn't amazing, it's just that my family is lucky enough to have land in the country and we always have a huge vegetable garden.  

I'm so excited that we now have larger farmer's market that is taking place once monthly.  Not only is there great produce, but eggs, honey, flowers, live animals, herbs and many canned goods.  Oh yes, and live music.  Now I can only dream and hope for cheeses and organic meats.


How unfair is it that the adorable bunnies were next to my friends booth... 
 I really wanted to take one home.

 I'm so proud of my friends' new business and their great sales this weekend...
looking forward to being able to buy "Glicco's Pasta Gravy" in stores!!!


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