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Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy Weekend...for the film lover

 Happy Weekend friends!  What are your summer travel plans?
Angela and I have been calling our week together Angel Court Camp.  This may be the best summer camp ever.  There's swimming, tennis, jewelry making, movies, and refreshments!!!

The Little Rock Film Festival continues through the weekend and we don't plan to miss a minute of it!!!  Once the festival ends I'll be heading home for one day...just long enough to exchange my current suitcase for one filled with winter clothes, and then I'm off to the airport.


til Monday, enjoy these movie related post

The Mayor Movie

this adorable couple met at the Little Rock Film Festival, now they're married

did you know that elephants can have prosthetic legs?

we partied with the ducks

film festival survival kit


Kate said...

Elephants can have prosthetic legs? That is incredible!

georgejose said...

Keep it up! Its funny