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Monday, June 4, 2012

Cannes vs Little festival fashion

Ezra Miller at Cannes
 Cy Gate 6 Tailgater at Little Rock Film Festival
  Jonny Mars Director America's Parking Lot at Little Rock Film Festival

Have you noticed that it's a film festival requirement to have a guy in a cool hat?
So who did it better?...

 Ezra Miller in his fedora at Cannes

Cy in his cowboy hat at Little Rock
Jonny Mars in his fedora at Little Rock

It's a toss up for me between Ezra Miller & Jonny Mars, since I love a man in a fedora.
End the end, I'm giving Jonny my vote! What's not to love about the guy who challenges the festival founders to a beer chugging contest!!!


We also met Reade Mitchell who was rock'n these awesome seersucker pants by betabrand.  The brand is known for cutting their seersucker and cords on the horizontal. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!

...And there were a few Angel Court sightings.
Here with Mallory of Have You Been There

While chatting with BJ Moses about her work on the film End of the Line, we spied her Angel Court Victorian buckle bracelet.

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