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Thursday, May 17, 2012

We Brake for Yard Sales, Flea Markets, & the Occasional Dumpster

And...we're off!!!
Hitting the Antique Alley trail that is 502 miles of yard sales, from Meridian Ms to Bristol VA.  Who knows what kind of junk or antiques we'll come home with.

First I'm off to my friend's home for brunch.  Lucky me...they have the food company Elbow Foods, and we'll be testing their new Bacon Bourbon Marmalade with grits this morning.

Good food and treasure hunting...sounds like a perfect day!!!

This is my 1950's bike that I found on Antique Alley last year. 



Angel Court Jewels... said...

post pictures along the way so we feel like we are there! Cheers Angela

Le Chic World said...

Love markets! looking forward to outdoor stalls this summer! xo