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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Oh, oh, oh It's Magic You Know...nail whitening paste

Oh, oh, oh It's magic you know 
Never believe, it's not so
  It's magic, you know 
 Never believe, it's not so

...and that's exactly what I think of this whitening nail paste.  This stuff is magic!!!  The only question is why have I waited so long to make such a discovery?

And, do you recognize these song lyrics?
It's a little E.L.O. with Olivia Newton John, from the Xanado Album, 
which happens to be the first album I ever owned.  I still love this album, 
but maybe not as much as I did back in '79, at that kindergarten dance party.


somewhere in this post is a tiny clue to  my upcoming travel destination...can you guess.

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