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Friday, May 18, 2012

Happy Weekend...Who Want's Ice Cream?


Happy Weekend!!!  Big plans?  

Around here, the weekend started early, since we took off for Antique Alley.  Today it's a little fun in the sun poolside, and tomorrow night is the Cedric Burnside concert.  We Meridianites are honoring Jimmy Rodgers, the father of country music (who's also in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame).  

So what's your cream or snow cones?  
What's the better summer treat?  
I vote snow cones!!! 


'til Monday

A mud pie kitchen

pretty clutter or minimalist to the max?

do you picmonkey?

she's the queen of useful DIY projects

Watermelon, mint, cucumber...

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We have tons of awesome sponsorship prizes coming your way!!!


Dennise said...

My vote is for italian ice, that's my absolute favorite summer treat! xo

nicole said...

I don't discriminate when it comes to frozen treats in the summertime. I like 'em all. Have a great weekend! p.s. I need an awesome summer hat like that one; thanks for the inspiration! xo.

Punctuation Mark said...

YUM! have a nice weekend!!!

Angel Court Jewels... said...

Ladies, Right now I would die for a frozen treat. Maybe a late night Sonic run. I'm so sad they no longer have my fave....banana cream pie shake with the graham cracker crumbles. It was soooo good!!!


Angel Court Jewels... said...


Take a look at my post from Wednesday. There's a link to a similar floppy hat. I bought one last summer. Aren't they great.