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Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Weekend...

 photo: via Kate Spade

 This is one weekend I'm going to really not doing anything.  All the New York fun and 4th floor walk ups carring 80lb suitcases has worn me out.  I have two weeks to regroup before the Little Rock Film Fest and then my summer travels begin!  WhooHoo!!!

Happy Weekend,

PS. hopefully I'll be able to catch up a few missed days of #StyleMeMay
...and this post contains a tiny hint, to the whereabouts of  my upcoming travel destination.

How to make vanilla sugar

how often to you wash your clothes?

Would you celebrate your birthday by crocheting?  Olek did!!!

My friend's son is one of the actors in The Dynamiter,
can't wait to see it again, at the Little Rock Film Fest

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