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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

George Gina & Lucy ...know how to have fun!

George Gina & Lucy is one of the companies we've fallen in love with at market...
It's been a blast sharing the aisle with the girls from George Gina & Lucy, during ENK/ Accessories Circuit.  Knowing how to have fun, is definitely written into this German handbag company's business model. There's been tons of smiles on our row, as these girls hand out their bullshit protectors for your ears, mint's with a cause or lude crossword puzzles.  Don't you just love Ines modeling the ear protectors!!! 


Anonymous said...

Hahahahahah... This is hilarious!!! I look like an Elf :D

Anonymous said...

Was a pleasure meeting you and your wonderful jewelry girls! I'm proudly walking around in my new necklaces :D
Love from GG&L