Crochet Gone Rouge...

We were pretty excited to stumble across the work of Olek, outside our home away from home, in the Bowery neighborhood of New York City.  Do you know Olek's work?  She's turned the girlie, chick hobby of crocheting into a renegade art form.   She's been known to crochet anything that moves, or doesn't move...people, strollers, grocery carts, cranes, I mean anything!

Note the distressed look on Angela's face in this last photo.  She's upset with me, for not letting her climb into the grocery cart.  Since when has anything I said stopped this lady?

Courtney and Angela


Hmm, I see a few "Australia" things in these posts, and I believe Melbourne is known for its street art. Are you headed down under?
AnnaAllyn said…
San Francisco? Clairon Alley?
Melbourne Australia is correct!!!! I'm so excited I can hardly Wait!

Melbourne Australia was going to be my guess but I'm about 4 minutes too late :(
OH WELL! it was fun playing-enjoy your travels; hope to see another game like this, soon.

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