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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Angel Court on Kickstarter

We are excited to announce the launched of our Kickstarter project!!!   Please help us spread the word by share this link with your friends on your facebook, twitter, and any place you can. 

Many people do not even know about Kickstarter and it is such an interesting website. You can also let your friends or family know about the project, just as a way for them to learn more about Angel Court. 

We are so excited about the new collection that we are designing with Swarovski crystals, but this new and exciting direction has it's hurdles too. 

The success of our Kickstarter project will make it possible to continue this new Angel Court adventure. Come on along, and join us for the adventure! 

Kickstarter project success is about spreading the word! The more people who know about it the better the chance we have of a successful project. 

Thank you! 
Angela and Courtney

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