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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Announcing Our New Body Luxuries Line...

We're so excited to finally announce the launch of our new Body Luxuries Line, and our favorite product the ButterStick.  Everyone..including guys, are falling in love with this new way to moisturize in the shower.  

Each ButterStick is a compact containing 3 types of moisturizing butters & essential oils, encased in a terry cloth pouch, with a pretty ribbon for hanging.  When using in the shower or bath, just run under warm water and apply to your skin.  Remember, this is lotion for the shower, so it won’t suds. 

try our 3 introductory scents:

Bittersweet (unisex)

Angela is addicted to Love Spell, and I'm a huge fan of Bittersweet,
 but you can never go wrong with Lavender.

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