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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Home Away From Home

Atlanta Vacation home thanks to VRBO

Modern Luxury in Chelsea, NYC thanks to AIRBNB.

Courtney and I are often asked, "Isn't it hard to travel so much?" Yes it is. We miss our family, friends, and pets very much. We do have one little secret to making it a bit easier to leave our homes for extended amounts of time: find a home to stay in while you are away. Beware that searching for the perfect place can be very addictive. VRBO has been my go to source for many years, but there is a new player on the field, AIRBNB. You will find amazing choices on both sites.

Happy Trails to you,
Cheers Angela

1 comment:

Freshie said...

You guys stayed THERE in Atlanta!?! Holy crap - it's beautiful! I'd never leave!!!