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Monday, January 23, 2012

Strike A Pose & Leave A Note...

Being up all night, because of the crazy tornadoes, could make for a hectic Monday morning, but I'm opting for coffee in bed.  Everything else can wait!!! 
Happy Monday everyone.

Here's an idea that will put a smile on your face...Why not create a Polaroid Guest Book Table, for your next party.  Have your guest snap a pic of themselves, and leave it along with a little note behind.  Much more fun, than a list of names in a guest book. 

Who doesn't love instant gratification!!! 
I know the Angel Court girls do!

What a great party idea, from Sparkling Foot Steps.  


nicole said...

We had one of these as our wedding guest book. Everybody loved it, and it was something they could do, while we were taking photos with our photographer.

p.s. I gave a friend of mine an Angel Court Jewels necklace for her birthday on Friday (your wishbone necklace), and she LOVED it. I got it here locally, in Little Rock, AR, at Box Turtle, my favorite boutique. Thanks, y'all! xo.

Angel Court Jewels... said...


I love it!!! You must have had so much fun looking back at the pics.

So glad your friend loved her necklace. That's the one Jeniffer Nettles wears all the time. I also adore Box Turtle. I try to visit when ever I'm in town.