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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Instax {Mini vs Wide}

Trying to decide between these two instant cameras.  Instax mini vs the Instax wide...HELP!!!  Next I'll have to take up a collection to buy film.  Wow, it's expensive, but totally worth it.


nicole said...

I have the Instax mini, and I love it! I typically buy film on Good luck with your decision!

p.s. For Christmas, I put an Instax mini photo album in my husband's stocking. It was filled with mini polaroids from our honeymoon and other adventures. I found it here:

Angel Court Jewels... said...

I went with the wide since it was $100 dollars cheaper on amazon, than the urban outfitters site. It just arrived, and I'm laughing so hard. This thing is huge. Now I know why the mini is so popular.

I love the photo album idea. Your husband must have loved it!!! I'll have to get one for myself.