I am thankful for the hand written note

Today I received a hand written note from a wonderful lady. We traveled to Seaside Fl, in Sept. for a trunk show. The weather was perfect and our hostess was a true Southern Lady, hence the handwritten thank you note I received. If you would like a perfect beach vacation you should stay at Miss Janie's place in Seaside!
Miss Janie you have inspired me to get out the pen and paper!

letterheads via LetterHeady

Thank you 
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I so love a hand written note. I always keep mine, so they are always there to cherish over the years. When ever I reread them, it brings a smile to my face. So sad we only email and text these days. I couldn't imaginge not having those letters, especially the ones from loved ones who have passed away.

Didn't realize Andy Warhol lived in Murry Hill. That was my addy, back in the day. Can't wait to be back in NYC in December!


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