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Friday, October 21, 2011

Hey New Friends!


Hey guys! I'm Joanna Waterfall, guest blogger while Courtney is having a blast in London! I'm a graphic designer who just got married in August. Everyone loves wedding pics, so I thought it would be fun to show you 5 things I loved about our wedding.

It was the best day of my life, and really hard to pick out just five things to show you- because everything was magical. But here we go!

One thing I loved about our wedding was the details.We had a "home" theme throughout our wedding- as my husband and I have moved around a lot, and finally felt like we were coming "home".  Brown and turquoise were my colors, and to be honest, I was a little nervous about how it was going to look when it came together. But the day of came, and everything looked better than I ever imagined! I loved
all our details!

The yummy treats were another thing I loved. One of my bridesmaids, who is a baker was generous enough to make all of our cookies and cupcakes. They were amazing. Red velvet, vanilla with chocolate frosting, snicker-doodles and chocolate chip cookies. Our cake was german chocolate. My stomach is growling just thinking about them...


Our ceremony was another magical time. It was a surreal experience to stand in front of your closest friends and family and dedicate the rest of your life to another person. In order to represent how we want to serve one another throughout our marriage, we washed each other's feet during the ceremony. It was truly a humbling experience. During the feet washing, my brother played a song he wrote for us.
It was an amazing time I will never forget.


Our wedding truly was a huge, fun party. The dancing was awesome! You know those weddings where no one wants to get up and dance because it's just awkward and no one is on the dance floor? Our wedding was the opposite. EVERYONE was on the dance floor, you even saw our grandparents gettin down! It was a blast to say the least.


And of course, being with our closest friends and family that entire day was amazing. It was so cool to see everyone come together and get along so well. But the best part of the wedding was the fact that I got to say that Nolan and I are now husband and wife. And we get to be best friends forever! He truly is my best friend, and I am so excited to continue to spend the rest of our lives together!!


You can check out our wedding video here and more pics here!

Thanks Angel Court!


Rachel - De Ma Cuisine said...

I have that "Home Sweet Home" mug. We had them growing up, and I found one recently at a yard sale/thrift store and had to have it... Makes me miss my family just thinking about the mug. What a fun thing to have in common.

Angel Court Jewels... said...

Thank you for the beautiful post, please come back again very soon! Cheers Angela and Courtney

Angela Burgess said...

Your wedding seemed so wonderful and so many ways, but I was moved to happy tears, reading about how you washed each others feet. I happened to wash my mothers feet the night before she passed away. I truly believe it was a special gift that God gave me. My sweet Moma passed away 10 years ago on my birthday. That was a gift too, she sang Happy Birthday and we all said the Lord's Prayer together just a few moments before she took her last breath here on earth. It was beautiful. Cheers Angela

Joanna Waterfall said...

Oh my goodness... wow I am overwhelmed that you were able to do that for your mother Angela. What an amazing time to have spent together- that brings tears to my eyes! Wow, now that I'm totally emotional over that story, I just have to say thanks for giving me the opportunity to guest blog here- and Rachel, thats so cool that you have that same mug! Wow. So much goodenss. Thanks Angel Court!