Obscura...One of our favorite places to visit in NYC

Have you seen the show Oddities?  If so, you know about Obsucra, Antiques and Oddities in NYC's East Village.  It's one of our favorite places, and it happens to be where we found our Jackalope.

If you've had the chance to visit us in our booth at Market, then you've most likely see our beloved Jackalope. He's world famous, extremely rare, and a very elusive creature, who resides above my mantle, when he's not on the road.

Next week we'll be heading back to New York, and we're definitely stopping in at Obscura.  We're looking forward to the visit, and another chat with owner,  Mike Zohn

If you've not  had a chance to see Oddities, be sure to check out this video clip...


Rosalind said…
We never miss a show! Love it!
Some of the things people bring in are so unbelieveably strange. I just love it!!!


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