Fall Nail Polish Guide

via: refinery 29
Nail Polish has been summer's statement-making finishing touch.  Almost as critical as the outfit, so it's no surprise that this trend is carrying over into the fall.  It may be time to put away those eye popping hues, but have no fear, as fall's pallet remains colorful.  Things may be cooling down a bit, but only slightly as we begin to see colors change to deeper, earthy and jewel tons.

What will you be wearing this fall?  Do you paint your toes, fingers or both?  I can't wait to try out the deep reds and purples. 


Joy said…
I usually only do red on the toenails and something very light on the fingernails. However, right now, both my fingernails and toenails are the same color — taupe.
I've been going crazy with colors on my nail. That's a first for me.

Taupe sounds beautiful!!!


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