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Thursday, June 30, 2011

What's Your Personal Scent?

I just read this great article on how to choose your personal scent, which is something every Angel Court Girl should know.  

Did you realize there are seven fragrance types used in the creation of perfumes, they are woodsy or mossy, oriental, fruity, single floral, floral bouquet, spicy and what are called modern blends.  How can one possibly chose with so many choices.

Now I'm curious, what's your favorite scent.  I'm a big fan of musk.  No fruity, flowery smells for me please.


Joy said...

I've been wearing PINK by Victoria Secret for 12 years now. I LOVE IT. I agree, what I wear may not work for others, but it works for me and I'm addicted to it! =)

Angel Court Jewels... said...

Hi Joy,

My favorite is Dead Sexy by Tokyo Milk. All of their products have the greates packaging. I did just try a sample of Chole' and Loved it. It's a bit more girly than what I normally wear.