It's Time to Get Down and Dirty...

This was us in Penn Station, this morning.
We've wrapped up a very successful NYC show, and we're now on a North Bound Train, making our way to East Greenwich, RI.  We can't wait to get down and dirty, scouring our favorite old warehouses filled with vintage treasures.  On our last visit we found tons of beautiful vintage pearls.  Who knows what we'll find this's always a surprise. 

here are a few more pics from our Adventures in the Big Apple...

Ace Hotel...Our New Motto... 

Gopher Arrives in NYC
Gopher LOVES a Crif Dog

Our partners in Crime...This Crew helped us set up our booth at the Javits.  That only took 8 hrs.  After a long day we're at Crif Hot Dogs waiting to enter Please Don't Tell.  We love a good Speakeasy.
Eat Me...Crif Dogs

Monica...we had to ride in the back of our U-Haul.

We even had a Snow Day!


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