Wanted...Dead or Alive

Big Reward for anyone who has information leading to the capture of The Wold Famous and Elusive Angel Court Gang, known for Only Feeding at Night.  Members of this crew are also know to have affiliations with the Rubyzarr Clan. Last spotted together in Atlanta Ga, but it is believed that the gang is on the run with possible sitings in Dallas and New York.

Marilyn "Mad Dolly" Jacober:
She's got the Guns.

Courtney "Bad Baby" Taylor:
 This one's elusive.  You'll never know what hit you 'til it's too late.

Monica "Mad Love" OFlaherty:
 She may look Sweet, but she knows how to Seal the Deal.
Martin "Baby Face" OFlaherty:
 Lady Killer...Deadly with a Hammer. 
Sarah "The Baker":
 One tough Cookie.  Has ties to the Rubyzarr Clan.

Angela "Sweet Babe" Burgess:
 She's known to Love'em and Leave'em, but she always gets the Money before she runs.

Molly "The Mug Shot":
 Know to pose as a Fashion Photographer.  Has ties to the Rubyzarr Clan.
Anna "Beautiful Bomb" Balkin:
 International Spy & Easy on the Eyes. 


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