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Monday, November 1, 2010

change is good...

staying in the road about half of the year can really take its toll on healthy living.  this is especially true for angela & me since we are both foodies, & take pride in knowing all the great restaurants in our favorite cities.  now that we're on the home front for a couple of months, it is time for portion control and moderation.  no fun at all, but at least i get to use my cool vintage scale. 

today was a success and i managed to have three healthy meals and went for a run.  i hope to be ready for a 5k in two weeks.  

wish us luck!

while browsing through billy reid's fall collection i spied this model &  fell in love with her super cute cut. now i've decided to grow my hair out.  what do you think? i'm thinking change is good...and if i don't like it, well then it's snip snip snip. 

i wonder how long this is going to take?  hopefully i'll be sporting a new look for the new year.

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