You Me and the Circus

Photography by
sam fielding
You, Me & THE CIRCUS. It always comes back to You and Me…. and the way WE feel.

You, Me & The Circus is a fantasy, drama, musical in the vein of some the great writer/directors of screen and stage, Frederico Fellini (8 1/2), and Bob Fosse (All That Jazz, Chicago, & Cabaret). Producing is Omar Epps (Love & Basketball, House), Marlon Ollivierre, and Ty Hodges.

The film was shot June 3rd-June 22nd. Our leads are Matt Dallas (Kyle XY), Anita Briem (Journey To The Center of the Earth), Ty Hodges and Melonie Diaz (Be Kind Rewind, Hamlet 2). With cameo roles from Marlon Waynes (GI Joe, White Chicks), Columbus Short (Stomp The Yard, Armored, The Losers) and Omar Epps.


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