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Thursday, October 28, 2010

doc dailey & magnolia devil.

another great sound from 

i love the fact that doc dailey & magnolia devil's newest release is in the form of an 8-track stereo tape, but be sure you can down load it in most any format you could possible desire. 

 Prove Me Wrong by Doc Dailey

from the album, "Victims, Enemies, & Old Friends" by Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil

Take my hand, we’ll go slow so don’t you worry, you ain’t gotta hurry
You’ll be safe with me
I hope you understand, sometimes life ain’t like the movies,
So do your best to prove me wrong
If we take our time, and feel each other out right
And make out in this moonlit night
We can just be high, without drinks or pills or powders
And everything that’s louder
Just quietens with your smile

If there’s a million fish that’s in the sea
The same ones keep on catchin’ me
And I wear those rusty hooks in me
Like medals from a war
If a picture’s worth a thousand words
How come I keep burnin’ hers,
And the words she said just echo in my head?

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