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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Everthing is bigger in Texas!

Everything is bigger and better in Texas, so they say. Well last week they were right. Courtney and I along with our favorite sidekick Monica travelled 8-14 hours one way to take in this "carnival." Carnival or Circus/Greatest show on Earth seems like a better fitting title than antique fair. You see Round Top is part French antiques, part junk-o-rama, part drink-o-rama, part reunion---part and parcel it is one hell of a good time. You just have to travel down there for your little old self and see what u make of it. A constant party follows us where ever we go so connect the dots! We did however manage to throw enough work in, to qualify the entire trip a tax write off to the good old US of A govt.

Photos will be posted soon!

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