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Thursday, January 28, 2010

New in 2010

2010 is here and I am going to give the blogging thing a good college try. There is a winter storm howling through the Midwest, so I moved my departure up a day. Courtney and I will be rockin our jewels at the NY gift market Jan 31-Feb 4. Too worried I would get stranded by the winter storm, I have left a day early and now will be traveling to NY via Providence RI. Dirty chain store here I come. I also get to see my good friend Lauri, which always spells "fun." Lauri and her husband Jason joined Brad and I last Feb. for our Vegas trade show Pool. Bloodies to start all the days, fun, careless behavior, yes the peddling of some hot jewels too. Not only do we design and make the coolest shit ever we party like rockstars. Join us anytime, just jump in and hang on, "it is sure to be a bumpy ride." We will be filming our video short at the Vegas show, come see us!
Tomorrow after the dirty chain store I will take the train to NY and meet Court!

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