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Monday, June 9, 2008

Party Crashing at the EDISON in downtown L.A.

Angela and I now have a new found addiction to Party Crashing. OK...I'm sure we've watched "Wedding Crashers" a few too many times, but who can resist the charm of Vince Vaughn!!

Our Sunday night in L.A. was to be a quite and relaxing evening seeing that it was the only night that wasn't filled with plans. We thought we could use a little rest, but if you know us then you know this rarely happens. Our evening agenda begins to change when we arrive back at our hotel and find a complimentary bus to the Edison. The Edison is a lounge with the vibe of the roaring 20's that is housed in the first privately owned power plant in down town L.A.. The setting is very steampunk with original generators and machinery used as works of art that create vignettes for lounging the night away. Plush black leather sofas and dimly lit antique fixtures create a setting that wouldn't be complete without a dirty martini.
The Edison has significance to us since our friends at Skin Graft Designs used our jewelry in their photo shoot at the Edison last month. Of course this opportunity to see the Edison in person seemed like fate, so we didn't think twice about hopping aboard the shuttle. Who cares that the shuttle is for participants in a leadership conference!! As the shuttle let us off we did begin to wonder what we'd gotten ourselves into, but we quickly come up with the idea to present ourselves as press covering the event. We were only stopped once at the door, but we assured the doorman that women can't resist changing clothes and that we had left our leadership badges back at the hotel . I guess we were charming enough since we were whisked right in. After taking a few photos we lounged with a couple of martinis and portabella mushroom burgers with a side of truffle oil mac and cheese. The menu was to die for.
No one ever did question why we were crashing their party. Perhaps they were too busy posing for their photo op. It seems everyone wants to be a celebrity these days!! Before the night was over we spilled the beans to a few people and actually made a few friends that we plan to keep in touch with. They even invited us to the dinner on the second night of the conference. This was also very wonderful since it was held outside of the L.A. Opera just before sunset with the fountains in view.
Event Crashing is now in our blood. It seems that we are challenging ourselves to crash some type of event whenever we travel. Stay tuned for more of our future antics. Maybe even start saving up for our bail money.

Special thanks to Professional Convention Management Association and the Edison

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