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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pecan Pie Couture "Revival"

My Oh My!! One week later and I'm still recovering from all the fun we had in Atlanta. Somehow, no matter how hard we try, we never make it to bed before one a.m. This really bites the next day since we're suppose to be at the mart by eight thirty. The reality is we usually don't make it before nine. We really do try to be good girls and go to bed early, but there always seems to be some temptation that we give into. Last time it was the Kanye West concert (not my idea of great music but lots of fun non the less) that kept us out till four a.m. I now think it probably had more to do with the adorable Dutch guy that I met instead of the Kanye Tunes. This past market market we managed to keep reasonable hours saving our energy for the Pecan Pie Revival. Clint Zeagler designer and owner of Pecan Pie Couture blew me away with the launch of his Spring 2008 collection under the guise of a Southern Style Revival including dinner on the grounds. Anyone in attendance would be hard pressed not to have felt the healing power of fashion. Of course we stayed out way too late once again, but who can blame us. We had to celebrate Clint's success with several toasts and a night on the town!!
Pecan Pie Couture

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freshie (and zero) said...

WOW! That show looks amazing! I'm sorry I was too tired to come down and help out but i can't wait until July!