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Wednesday, March 5, 2008


The Summer of 2006 we traveled to New York. Courtney was a fab tour director, seeing how she lived in New York for several years. We traveled to the city to exhibit our wares at Pool Trade Show and to search high and low for strange objects, chain, and jewels. One outing was very successful! In the bowels of an old parking garage we found the mother load--chain!!!!!chain!!!!!

You see the hunt for chain is constantly on my mind. This chain was amazing. The patina was perfect and the links where very unique. The chain was hung in looping groups all tied together. The chain was weighted to determine the price we paid! That was a new one for us. Did I mention the parking garage? All this excitement had taken our minds off the grime we were crawling around in. Our hands, knees, and booty's were black. The proprietor of the booth had a box of baby wipes that we were able to use and clean up a little bit, but the high of our discovery carried us dancing to the streets, and back to the hotel for a real clean up!

One other time Courtney called "emergency" I need chain! I don't have anything to work with. I headed out on a mission, but there was not any vintage chain to be found that day either. On the way out of this little curiosity shop my eye stopped on a broken cuckoo clock. I will take it, bust it up and rip the chain from it. Yes it worked and the day was saved! I had chain, all be it a small amount, to send to Courtney

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