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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Phoenix Rising

The Lady who now symbolizes Angel Court Jewels was once a die cut image, on a key chain, from a 1950's beauty salon.
We have recently added The Wings of A Phoenix and Rising Flames to our beloved silhouette logo. Just as the Phoenix represents rebirth and transformation, ANGEL COURT JEWELS gives new life to antique and vintage treasures of the past.


The Phoenix enjoys immortality, which has to be renewed with fire every 300 to 500 years. When the end of its life cycle drew near, the phoenix would gather aromatic herbs, woods, and spices from around the world with which to build its own funeral pyre or nest. Sitting in the nest, and having turned to face the rays of the sun, beating its wings, it deliberately fans the flames for itself and is consumed in the fire. Once the old body was consumed, the phoenix would be reborn from a worm, its marrow, or an egg found among the ashes and would embark on another 500 years of life.

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