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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"you get what you pay for"

These photographs are my attempts at testing an absurdly cheap (under $20.00) digital camera that I bought to use while mine is being repaired. The saying..."you get what you pay for"... seems to fit this situation perfectly. The battery refuses to charge and the camera only works while connected to my computer. With my range so limited, I'm confined to photographing the objects around my studio instead of the great art exhibitions that are going on around town.
Meridian Museum of Art
Kate & Terry Cherry...First Friday

On the upside I'm in love with the way these pictures have that foggy feel thanks to my cheap camera. It seems appropriate since the hanging bells are my way of keeping the spirits at bay. The studio is in an 1800's loft that is rumored to be haunted. So far my gadget seems to be working, however my pliers do end up in strange places from time to time.Angel Court Jewels

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